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Enjoy Galentine's Day/Valentine's Day

Week of February 3, 2019

What’s Happening: Next week is Galentine's Day and Valentine’s Day. Did you know that we offer couples massages? Grab one of your best friends or your significant other and spend some time relaxing together! Or, slip your friend or significant other our information as a subtle hint as to what you want for that special day together.

Fun Holidays this Week:

February 3: Feed the Birds Day - Help the wild birds in your backyard to survive the long, cold winter by feeding them. Here are some bird food recipes.

Bird eating from a person's hand
Photo by Evan McDougall on Unsplash

February 3: Super Bowl Sunday – Super Bowl 53. Who are you rooting for?

NFL footballs on wall
Photo by HENCE THE BOOM on Unsplash

February 6: National Chopsticks Day - Chopsticks have been in use for over 5,000 years. They originated in China, and are used in virtually all Asian cultures. To participate in National Chopsticks Day, try using chopsticks for your meals today.

Wooden chopsticks resting on top of a bowl
Photo by Juan Encalada on Unsplash

February 7: Send a Card to a Friend Day – Today is the perfect chance to send card to a friend. A paper card or e-card, what matters is letting someone know you are thinking about them.

Thank you card
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

February 9: National Pizza Day – Here are 50 pizza recipes to try if you want to celebrate National Pizza Day with a homemade pie.

Two pizzas
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Hydration Recipe

Keeping hydrated is an important part of staying healthy. Water promotes cardiovascular health, keeps your body cool, helps muscles and joints work better and keeps skin supple. Here is this week’s hydration recipe:

Apple cinnamon drinks
Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

Cinnamon Fruit Water


1 apple, sliced thin

1 plum, sliced thin

1 pear, sliced thin

2-3 cinnamon sticks



Slice apple, plum and pear into thin slices

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher with ice water.

Keep in refrigerator and continue to add more water as needed.

Winning the Super Bowl – the healthy way

If you're attending a Super Bowl party, here are a few tasty snacks if you want to have some healthier options on hand:

White Bean Dip A great alternative to hummus with a silkier texture and great accompaniment to your crudités (aka veggies).

Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins A sweet and savory dish full of fiber.

Ginger and Garlic Shrimp Packed with protein, full of flavor and a high concentration of the antioxidant astaxanthin, known to reduce inflammation.

No Bake Brownies A gluten free dessert with cocoa which can lower blood pressure, an added bonus when it's a close game!

Special Offers: We have a Valentine's Day offer: $10 off any single massage or $25 off any couples massage. Book your massage here:

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