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Rochester Therapeutic Massage Weekly Newsletter

Week of September 9, 2018

What’s Happening: Karen, Laura & I met while attending classes at Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in Village Gate. As our schooling progressed, our instructors detailed various career paths (working for yourself or working for someone else). At some point during our business class, the three of us said "Let's do this....for real!". We pooled our resources and took the leap to become business owners! It's a scary and exciting journey, so far. We are always excited to share our knowledge and talents with our clients and we look forward to expanding our knowledge base with continuing education courses. We offer relaxation massage (just take time for yourself and relax). We also offer therapeutic massage (we work on any "problem areas", sore muscles, stiff joints, etc.). Join our Facebook page:

Karen & I attended the ESL/Greater Rochester SCORE event Monday evening at Three Heads Brewing on Atlantic Ave. It was a panel discussion/networking event to help small business gain & retain customers. We learned some great information & met some wonderful people!

RTM will be at NVP Sports Park, Saturday, 9/22/18 from 10am - 2pm for their Huge Community Garage Sale! We will be providing chair massage.

Fun Holidays this Week:

September 9: Grandparent's Day – Today we honor our Grandparents. If they are still living, tell them how much you appreciate them.

September 13: National Peanut Day – If you’re not allergic, try some of these peanut recipes.

September 15: Make a Hat Day – Here are some simple instructions on how to make a paper hat. Fun!

Hydration Recipe

Keeping hydrated is an important part of staying healthy. Water promotes cardiovascular health, keeps your body cool, helps muscles and joints work better and keeps skin supple. Here is this week’s hydration recipe:

Kiwi Raspberry Water


2 kiwis, sliced (skin removed)

1 cup raspberries



Add kiwis and raspberries to a pitcher of water. Refrigerate for 4-6 ours to infuse the flavors. Enjoy!

DIY Lower Back Massage

If you have strained the muscles in your lower back, here is a simple trick you can try at home to eliminate the discomfort.

· Place a tennis ball between you and a wall. The tennis ball should be in the lower left-hand corner of your back – where your pelvis and spine meet. Do not place the tennis ball directly on your spine.

· Move side-to-side on the tennis ball out toward your hip and back again a few times.

· Switch sides and repeat.

· Slowly squat while still applying pressure to the tennis ball so the ball moves from your pelvis up to your rib cage. Slowly rise so the ball is back at your lower spine. Repeat this movement a few times.

· Switch sides and repeat.

If this technique doesn’t alleviate your discomfort, contact us to schedule a massage.

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